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Jade Penson

An accredited educator, Jade wishes to pass on her 8+ years experience in the lash industry, helping you learn the art of applying eyelash extensions. This course is highly intensive, and does not miss a single step! By having this course so involved, it'll allow you and your lash business to hit the ground running INSTANTLY & CONFIDENTLY! Don't waste your money on cheap, poorly structured online courses, where it's evident the trainer wants to take your money and run, leaving you feeling ripped off and lacking confidence. "I am here to mentor you throughout your ENTIRE lash career, helping you strive to become an INDUSTRY LEADING LASH ARTIST!" If you have any questions about the course or how to register via a payment plan, please email me below. I'm so excited to start working with you, so let's go!

What our students say!

"Uplifting and motivating spirit..."


I recently completed the LaviLash Classic and Volume course. The course allowed me to complete at my own pace at home and also online 1:1 with Jade. The online course involved so many topics, a lash kit and a mannequin head for practice which was so helpful for continuing my practice and submitting my assignments. It was so helpful having the 1:1 attention as she helped me with every detail and she had such an uplifting and motivating spirit as it can be terrifying to start off with. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested starting their lash career. 🤍🤍

"Up till this day I still have your support..."

I couldn’t thank Jade enough for my training. It was so informative and helpful, from the set up of my business to the actual lashing. Up until this day, I still have Jade's support to help me through when I'm unsure of something! I learnt so much from Jade, and still use the skills I learnt today on my clients. Your training kit had absolutely everything in it and I still use everything 😂 I definitely recommend the course for anyone who asks about my training! It was worth every cent! 💜

"I can’t recommend this course and Jade high enough"

I enrolled in the a one on one course with Jade to learn all things lashing and I was so happy with the results. Jade was so thorough and covered everything I needed to learn to get off the ground running. I love how she focused on hygiene during her training as it is such an important factor. Jade was super easy-going and so patient with coaching my first ever set of lashes! I can’t recommend this course and Jade high enough, thank you so much for giving me the confidence to lash!


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